Buying a Home Out of State: How to Ensure You’re Getting What You Want

Buying a Home Out of State: How to Ensure You’re Getting What You Want

Congratulations on the new job, which may mean you have to move out of state. There are, of course, many reasons people may move to another state. Whatever the case, selecting a new home in an unfamiliar neighborhood with new neighbors can be daunting.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a new home. Take into account your timeline, budget and research. You also need to select a trusted real estate agent or property expert and understand the purchasing process in that particular area, such as HOA rules and fees, taxes, etc. These stress factors tend to double when it’s in another state. Your options to verify may be few. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when making this very important decision from such a long distance. Of course, searching online may help.

Pitfalls of Online Searches

Searching online can be a double-edged sword. While you can quickly find house listings online and search desired neighborhoods, you cannot totally trust the information posted. In addition, without in-person verification and confirmation, you may come across incomplete or inaccurate information about your future home. This brings us to the important question: When buying a home out-of-state, who can you trust?

Trust and Verify

Depending on a family member or friend is not always a good idea – and for many reasons. Also a real estate agent in the area cannot be totally trusted. A realtor has their own agenda and their own reasons for being so helpful, especially when they know you live far away. Instead, you can trust and verify the property using a company that specializes in inspecting real estate. Home inspection photos from an independent, professional and trusted third-party will give you the peace of mind you are buying the right property.

Who Do You Trust?

There are many photo inspection companies. Look for one that has the solid reputation and trust factor customers have relied on for many years. You can verify this through customer reviews.

When buying an out-of-state home, you will want detailed photos before you make the trip for the home-buying process. Make sure the validation company provides pictures of:

  • The property itself
  • All of the living spaces
  • The front and back yards
  • The immediate neighborhood
  • Nearby schools, parks and featured locals

Only a photo validation professional will go to such lengths to give you the visual verification you require.

Ready, Set, Buy!

Once you have all the photo proof you require to make an informed and smart decision, you can now have a substantive discussion with your new real estate agent on the property of your choice. With photos to backup the information you are receiving on the property, you can now be ready to move forward with confidence in the purchase of your new home.

If you are looking for property out of town, the Agent Validate team of tested, trained and qualified agents will provide you with the photo proof you need. An AV agent will take photos per your instructions of what is most important to you. Contact us if you have any further questions. Our agents are standing by.

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