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In today’s world of Internet purchases, more folks are looking for a car, RV, rental property, anything you can imagine online. That means there is a level of trust you need with the seller in order to purchase something sight unseen. While most sellers are honest and upfront about the condition of their advertised items, some simply aren’t – and others may misrepresent the condition of the item they are trying to sell.

That’s where we come in. We provide a low-cost digital photo inspection to give you assurance that what you see is what you get. But we don’t stop there. Not only will we be your eyes, we’ll even be your ears and nose!  With rush service selected, you can receive your image/report within 24 (weekday) hours. Whatever purchase you locate online, consider a pre-purchase independent inspection from Agent Validate.

Our Services

If you’re concerned about the condition of an item, the progression of a project or anything you want verified with a personal inspection and photograph, Agent Validate is here to help. With more than 7,800 agents throughout 34 states, Agent Validate offers an array of inspection services including:

Advertisement Verification

We take the risk out of online purchases from sites such as eBay and craigslist. Photo verify before you buy.

Quality Control & Progress Verification

Our agents are available around the clock to assure the progress of your new project is going smoothly and on schedule.

Vacation & Real Estate Verification

Looking for your dream apartment or travel spot? We ensure your destination is in tip-top shape before you go.

Automotive, Motorcycle & Heavy Equipment

Buying a new vehicle but can’t get there in person? Trust us for a thorough inspection and rundown before you buy.

RV, Marine & Aircraft Verification

It’s critical to know the condition of these large-ticket items. Allow us to do a rigorous pre-inspection before you purchase.

Auctions, Collectibles & Instruments

Before you place a bid, make sure you get the green light from us. We photo validate that it’s in great condition.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a technical inspection. We do not validate the mechanical condition or serviceability of any item. We just check that the item is available and as described in the ad. Expensive items SHOULD be inspected by a qualified expert before purchasing. Our services simply let you know if it’s worthwhile to send out a costly inspector or mechanic.

Quick and Easy Ordering

You can effortlessly place your order over the phone or do it online. Best of all, our safeguard technology keeps all of your info under wraps.

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How It Works

Once you complete your order, a local ASE-certified inspector from Agent Validate will contact the seller. They will then send you a thorough report on the item you wish to buy, along with a photo inspection so you can study its condition for yourself.

If you’re thinking about an advertised purchase or you need to check on the progress of a project, contact Agent Validate today for a personal inspection and photograph verification. We’re one of the largest independent vehicle inspection, rv pre-purchase inspection, hotel site inspection and any other kind of photo inspection agencies around.

Case Study

We partner with you to provide high-quality verification. Whether it’s property verification, a vacation spot, the latest car or a host of other confirmation needs, Agent Validate is there to give you real-time information to put your mind at ease. Here is an example:

The Plan

Preparing for a move from California to Florida, our customer had found a perfect apartment to rent. Pictures in the ad were stunning, the write up was professional and the price was right.

The Reality

We found the neighborhood extremely undesirable. The grassy outdoor areas were overrun by domestic ducks and it was impossible to use the outdoor amenities due to the horrendous amount of duck droppings. Also, the sewer pumping station was located within 100 feet, so the noise and stench meant opening the windows was not recommended.

The Solution

The customer was disappointed when he received our report. Although he lost his non-refundable deposit, Agent Validate allowed him to find a more liveable place, which we verified BEFORE his big move.

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