What to Look for When Buying a Used RV

What to Look for When Buying a Used RV

What to Look for When Buying a Used RV

The thought of driving the open roads and seeing the country up-close and personal can be thrilling for travelers from all walks of life. That’s why purchasing the right recreational vehicle is so important. After all, it will be your home away from home. Buying a motorhome and especially a pre-owned or used RV requires a lot of thought. Here’s some important advice in your final selection.

Know Before You Go

First consider your travel needs. Once you are on the road, many miles from home, there may be no turning back. So decide what is important to you before you choose your RV. There are many types of recreational vehicles and not all RVs are created equal. For instance, do you need a lot of space, thus a bigger vehicle? Are you looking for a cozier motorhome for you and your travel companion? What is your budget? Whatever you require in an RV, you should consider some type of RV pre-purchase inspection, especially if you find a vehicle listed out-of-state or far enough away that you cannot inspect it yourself.

Do Your Homework

Once you locate an RV that closely matches your needs, now is the time to ask important questions on the history and condition of the vehicle:

  • Who were the previous owners?
  • How many miles does the vehicle have?
  • Are any warranties included?
  • What’s the condition?
  • Will you conduct an RV inspection?

Your worst case scenario is to have mechanical or other vehicle issues that may leave you stranded and ruin your trip. Imagine being slowed down or worse, having to abandon your RV many miles from home. That’s why it’s important to be aware of any problems ahead of time and how much it will be to have them addressed.

Be Aware of Common and Not-So-Common Problems

Other tips to consider:

  • Check the vehicle’s mileage. Most people consider a vehicle with low-mileage to be a good thing. Not necessarily. Too few miles on a motor-home could mean the vehicle has not been tested enough or “broken-in” properly. Or, is the mileage so high it won’t be able to handle a long-trek of hundreds or even thousands of miles?
  • Don’t forget about the weather. You will be on the open road after all. Are there any leaks in the vehicle including those you can and can’t see?
  • Check the vehicle’s plumbing. The last thing you need while on the road is for the plumbing to back up. It could make for some unpleasant travels.

Inspect Before You Buy

Selecting the right RV means many years of enjoyment out on the open roads. Before you make this big purchase, pinpoint the amenities you want in your RV, know your budget and be prepared to ask many detailed questions. It also makes a lot of sense to make sure the motorhome is personally inspected. When that’s not possible, contact Agent Validate for accurate and fast photo inspection of the vehicle. Our professionals are standing-by to provide you with on-site photo images of the vehicle of your choice. Remember, we are there when you can’t be.

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