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If you have an eye for photography and enjoy getting out and about around town, you can get paid as an independent contractor for various assignments through Agent Validate. Our clients lead busy lives and don’t always have the time to check out a vehicle they want to purchase or see an apartment in person. We’ll send you to different locations in your local area to perform field photography for extra cash in your pocket.

Easy Assignments

Each assignment is relatively easy to perform, whether you’re taking pictures of a damaged vehicle for a claim or photographing a boat for sale. We need reliable agents throughout the country who can drive to different locations to assist our clients with getting detailed photos for their personal or business needs.

Obtain Quality Images

As a photo inspection company, we’ll rely on your skills to obtain quality images to reveal the true condition of an item or real estate property. The services provided to our clients can offer peace of mind and allow you to stay busy earning money while having fun behind the camera.

Types of Requests

You can enjoy having a flexible schedule and plenty of independence on each assignment. Our services are available in 34 states (and growing) with competitive rates provided. Some of the most common requests we receive from clients include verifying:

  • Real estate evaluation – both interior and exterior
  • Vacation quality verification
  • Quality control verification – Contractor progress
  • Advertisement verification
  • Customize an order – Just tell us what you need done!

Customers will login and create an order, which will include the address, their contact info, and specific requests. The customer will schedule a specific meeting date and time.

Agent Validate needs reliable photographers to perform simple and fun assignments. Contact us if you want to become an agent and show off your photography skills.

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Contractor Testimonials

The first 2 weeks orders were slow. I received about 3 orders the first week. The 2nd week got a little better, about 8. It was easy work and they paid on Friday as promised. I have been with them for over 2 years now and the work spikes up to about 30 to 50 orders per week. Slow months are December. Some weeks were as low as 15 orders. The pay has never been late. I now get paid on Fridays almost exactly at 1PM through Paypal. Velocity REOs pay the Paypal fees. The most I made was a little over $800 in a week last November, 2012. The job works well with my other job. Sometimes my wife takes the photos while I work at my other job. They are professional and a simple company to do business with.

JM Orlando, FL



As a retiree who is still active and was looking for a job that would not only provide additional income and a feeling of self worth, I found both when I became a contractor with Velocity Reos. This experience has been perfect, orders are given in such a way that you can plan your work day, and paychecks are prompt. Above all I like the prompt response to those few questions I might have concerning any assigned job. Looking forward to many more years with a great organization.

DS, Lauderhill, FL
Primary Contractor with over 4,060 completed orders



I’ve been doing BPO photos for about 8 months and I absolutely love it. I get excited when I see the orders come in and I do my best to accommodate each order fast and efficiently. I only wish there was more work. It’s the best way to be able to earn the extra income our family needs while working a flexible schedule that fits my busy life.
Thank you

SF, Davenport FL



We have worked with Velocity REOS, Inc. for over one year. Our experience with them has been good. One of the nice features is their agent’s web portal which we find user friendly and contains many applications useful to manage our business. Inquiries sent via their messaging system are attended to timely. Their mapping feature allow you to get a good look at the property location even before accepting the job and to link multiple jobs for routing efficiency.. You are in control of your relationship growth as they provide applications to expand the types of business you handle as well as territory expansion. They pay consistently once per week. We have not had one dispute since our start up with them in June 2011. For us it’s a good partnership.

JP, Punta Gorda FL



I have no complaints as you all do a great job in sending out Work Orders to me and giving me enough time to get them done as I do my best to accept them and get them done as soon as possible and upload them and get them back to you all. In the time that you all have had me as a Contractor I enjoy going out and getting the Work Orders completed as I like going out and seeing different areas. I hope that we can continue our relationship for a long time to come as you all been good to me and I hope you all can say the same back. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to work for you all I do appreciate it.

SB, Deltona, FL



The orders I receive go straight to my email on my smart phone. It is also easy to upload the photos on the internet. It has been a great way for me to supplement my income, thanks!

RG, Miami Lakes, FL
Primary Contractor with over 1,329 completed orders



I like working with your company. The website is well organized and makes updating and mapping properties easy. I honestly don’t have any complaints. Everything is great. Thank you.

CDC, Miami Beach, FL
Primary Contractor with over 1,288 completed orders



The company is a very professional operation

GS, Rancho Cucamongo, CA